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Tickets for the Dream Ball include five dance lessons in preparation for the ball.

  • No specific partner needed, you will learn how to be confident and have fun dancing with different partners.

  • Learning the Waltz and East Coast Swing will begin with a line dance, in which you will practice the moves without a partner.

  • Using the skills learned from the line dance you can progress into partner dancing.

  • We strongly recommend participants attend all five lessons, as dance instruction is progressive.  Lessons will build off of the prior week.

  • A written copy of dance moves will be provided each week so participants can practice on their own in between lessons.


Andy Smith is a dance professional and internationally certified instructor.  Andy has the ability to instruct in a way that makes complicated dance moves simple and achievable for the beginner while also motivating the more advanced dancer to continue to grow their skill.

Sky Smith is a dance enthusiast who embodies the meaning of the word “amateur” - (“one who does for the love of”). She has had the privilege to study a variety of dance styles under internationally certified instructor, Andy Smith, as well as other acclaimed coaches including Peter Strom & Laura Glaess. Sky adores the grace of Waltz, but loves the playful adrenaline of Lindy Hop most of all. Combining two for her favorite things - Christmas & dance - Acker Music festival has been one of her favorite performance opportunities. [[Sky views social dance as: “It’s like getting to have recess again as an adult!” She hopes to inspire others to dance for the difference in confidence it can make in a person both as an individual and in social interaction. ]] One of her favorite songs of all-time says it all: “The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing.”


Dance Lessons